We Need to Talk Talk About Thomas

Buxton based charity the Thomas Theyer Foundation has a connection to Solomon's Temple.


I worked a professional photographer for over 12 years in a previous career.  By chance one day while visiting Buxton, my wife and I visited the charity shop for the Thomas Theyer Foundation (TTF Website).  This was the beginning of my connection to as a customer of the charity shop.  I donated a framed picture of Solomon’s Temple for one of their charity auctions, which was well received after a while getting to know the charity.  Since becoming a Forest School leader, I enjoy a visit to the Thomas Theyer Foundation charity shop.  The shop is a potential gold mine for Forest School.


After a gap, I revisited the store looking for rope.  Old climbing rope is a fantastic resource for Forest School!  I was able to rekindle my relationship after a short conversation with a staff member.    This short conversation lead to a longer conversation with the Fundraising Manager and CEO.  We explored what a partnership to deliver Forest School might look like.  Hopefully, serving the charity’s beneficiaries would be our initial focus.  With a future view to possible expansion to the wider community.  They ‘recognise the many benefits that physical exercise can bring and strive to increase access to various activities, particularly in the outdoors.’  What a great match with Among The Trees, and a great opportunity to work with other providers to make a difference in young people’s lives.

The Future

We are looking forward to be working with the Thomas Theyer Foundation in the near future to deliver Forest School sessions in the Buxton area.  We expect to be commencing sessions in the near future.   I love delivering Forest School to primary school aged learners.  They spend time in the outdoors learning and immersing themselves in nature.

We’d love to meet with your school, group or organisation to do discuss the benefits and advantages of Forest School.   If you’re interested in what Forest School might look like in your setting, please contact us to find out more.

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