Nature's awe and wonder: A bee or wasp on a green leaf is about to alight. There is a quote from Henry David Thoreau: nature will bear the closes inspection.

Nature’s Awe And Wonder

What Happened To Awe And Wonder? Have we lost the art of being captivated by the natural world?  Nature’s awe and wonder is there for all to see, we need to take the time to look.  Henry David Thoreau was quoted as saying: ‘Nature will bear the closest inspection.’ What It Looks Like We need

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Campfire popcorn over an open fire.

Campfire Popcorn

Keep Popping Hands up if you love a good campfire? I definitely do.  I am mesmerised by the dancing flames with crackling sparks flying up into the night sky on a clear night in the UK.  One way to next level your campfire experience is to cook something.  Want to turn your fire into an

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Forest School digging area.

Forest School Funding For School

Forest School Funding For School Have you ever applied for Forest School funding for school?  I did.  Last year, I was invited to apply for some funding from a local service group.  I heard about it via the school PTA.  However, after hearing nothing for around nine months, I received the good news that the

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Remember walking down Memory Lane? The sign said so.

Why We Should Remember

Built To Remember It is important to remember.  Recalling our life experiences, how to eat, get dressed, walk on a slackline and events from our recent past barely scratch the surface of our memory’s significance to the human race. Scientists tell us that neural connections (called synapses) in the brain are responsible for creating memories. 

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A mandala made in Forest School.

Making A Natural Material Mandala

Mandala Origins Have you ever encountered a mandala before?  I hadn’t until recently.  I discovered their origins lie in the Buddhist religion.   A mandala represents what an ideal universe might look like.  Dating from as early as the fourth century, mandalas were produced mainly in Asia.  Often they were painted and carried by the owner

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