Our offer

Our core offering of services include:
  • Working with children in the primary school age range of 5 – 11 years. (Forest School and LOtC)
  • Leading walks for all kinds of age groups and abilities. (ATT Walk)
  • Offering skill practice days for trainee Forest School leaders and assistants. (ATT Skills)
  • Supporting creative needs through Forest School photography. (ATT Photo)
  • Outdoor Tutoring in a natural environment.  (ATT Exotutor)
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A low shelter set in the woods
ATT Forest School

Our core service, our Forest School sessions are inspirational and offer learners a wide range of activities and experiences in a natural (usually woodland) setting. We incorporate creativity, games and free play into all our sessions.


We are able to offer Forest School, team building, and OAA sessions on or off site for all year levels for children aged 5-11 years. We can work at your school site or on location. We are also happy to work with home education groups and individuals.

ATT Walk

We love leading walks in woodland and green spaces. We believe that walking in green spaces has a positive impact on wellbeing as well as fitness. We walk and test all our routes before leading groups on them. We are big fans of the Peak District.

Two children on a scavenger hunt.
ATT Exotutor

With a focus on tutoring as part of the catch up programme, lots of learners find it challenging to work in a classroom environment. We have found success and progress made for learners through changing the learning environment and taking learning outside. Injecting fresh air, movement and creativity takes the focus off work and makes learning fun and engaging.

Whittled items make from wood.
ATT Skills

Forest School trainees don't always get the opportunity to practice their skills with equipment between initial training and assessment. We provide friendly, no pressure practice days where you can come and sharpen up your Forest School skills, socialise and have fun at various locations.

Learners with friendship bracelets on their wrists at Forest Club.
ATT Photography

Having quality images you can use to promote and evidence your work is helpful. Our previous experience with the world of professional photography can provide a creative solution for printed and digital promotional material.

Why Outdoors?

Children need the opportunity to try risky activities.  Hammering a nail, lighting a fire or working at heights all provide opportunities to grow and manage risks in a supported environment – what better space than the great outdoors!

Why Choose ATT?

Here at Among The Trees, we love to offer service that we’d love to receive ourselves, because we know that a great experience is a memorable experience.  We want that to be for all the right reasons.