First Rule Of Forest Club

Learners with friendship bracelets on their wrists at Forest Club.


Welcome to Among The Trees.  We are a small company passionate about Forest School, learning outdoors and walking.  From humble beginnings like the acorn, we are hoping to grow into a superb oak.  Our story starts with an exciting after school programme called Forest Club, which has been a hit with the students at Lostock Hall Primary School in Cheshire.

From its inception, one session was originally planned.  With an overwhelming response from the school community, we immediately began to two sessions a week.  By the spring term, two sessions had become three.

About Forest Club

Each session has a range of learners attending from Reception all the way through to year 6.  I think the mix of ages generally works well because we have a wide range of abilities and experience taking part.  However, there are some benefits delivering sessions by key stage compared to mixed.  This could include challenges pitched to the appropriate age level and games that don’t cause one group to get bored or switch off.

With the longer spring and summer days, we have extended our Forest Club sessions to 1.5 hours to make the most of the better weather.  Learners have enjoyed sessions in our fantastic little woodland, learning about perseverance and observation this half term and enjoyed lots of craft, games and free play. Our campfire days allow learners to light matches and toast marshmallows and gather around the fire together.  At the end of term, some of our year 5 and 5  learners set up the last fire using their new knowledge – e.g. sorting fuel and laying the fire).  They did a super job, both working as a team and taking individual responsibility.

The Future Among The Trees

Forest Club has been my main offer up until this point in time.  Looking ahead, one aim is to offer Forest School sessions in schools.   With a focus on ages 5-11, I love delivering a holistic outdoor programme for our learners.  Flexibly, I can offer one-off experiential sessions or longer outcome based learning demonstrating progress over a term.

Get in touch to discuss how we can bring the Forest School experience to your school day.

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