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"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately."
- Henry David Thoreau

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An Outside App

There is copious evidence that young people are not spending enough time moving, especially when it comes to outside.   Exploring, grabbing, digging, climbing, crawling should be a daily part of young lives as they develop motor coordination, balance and core strength.  All these key developmental components are, at best underdeveloped, and at worst missing, in a sedentary lifestyle.  Enter Forest School.  A application of time well spent in a natural setting where learners can build active and healthy lifestyles becoming well adjusted, free thinking young people. 

What's Happening Among The Trees?

We work with schools, families, charities and individuals to provide play affordances for primary school aged children through spending time in the outdoors, developing confidence, capability, growing an appreciation and respect for nature and having fun through free play among the trees. 

A campfire is reducing down to coals.
Spring bluebells on the woodland ground.
Learners with friendship bracelets on their wrists at Forest Club.